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The Squire was one of the most technically advanced, innovative - and expensive - British sports cars of the inter-war period. Though only 8 cars were built at the company's Remenham premises before the outbreak of WW2, seven remain, with a further two more cars produced from components after the war.

At attempt was made to revive the Squire in the late 1990s, and a prototype was completed and shown at a number of classic car shows and events at that time. For a number of reasons, the project was put on hold, but with the ultimate aim of bringing the marque back into production at some point in the future.

However, the current owner of the Squire Motors Limited company has now decided that he no longer has the time to devote to such a project, and wishes to sell his interest, and such production tooling as remains.

Squire Eight
1990s new Squire 'Eight'

Offers are therefore invited for the following as a complete 'package deal', which would be suitable for either an individual or consortium seeking to produce a 'new' British sports car to compete head to head with the likes of Morgan, and with a ready-made 'classic provenance' -
  • Squire Motors Limited - original company name and entity, tracable back to Squire Motors' founder Adrian Squire.
  • Collection of historical Squire information - some commercial history,  some technical, assorted
  • Web domain names - www.squiremotors.co.uk, www.squiremotorslimited.co.uk
  • Prototype Squire 'Eight' - traditional aluminium clad, ash-framed coachwork completed, car at rolling chassis stage and requiring some work to complete
  • Production tooling, parts - patterns, spares, jigs, components for completion of prototype Squire 'Eight'
Further information about Squire - both 'new' and old - is provided upon this website.

Serious enquiries for the complete project are invited through our contacts page. The prototype vehicle can be made available to view in the Somerset/Devon area of the UK.

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